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Galaxy Laser Team Re-imagining

Galaxy Laser Team Re-imagining


Perhaps it’s the way the figure is posed with its arms outstretched above the head, but it always reminded me of a Tuskin Rader waving a gaffi stick.





Terrorpins are a race of ancient creatures native to the badlands surrounding Outpost Omega. They are a nomadic race who travels with little but their homes on their backs. Their tough armored skin and hard shell protect them from the harsh weather conditions of the badlands. Though they don’t stay in the same place for long, when they stake a claim they are extremely territorial. Their razor sharp claws make them a formidable force. Terrorpins believe themselves to be custodians of the earth and draw little distinction between peaceful settlers and pirates who wish to strip the land of its natural resources.


Baron Darkstar:

GLT’s resident Darth Vader clone is actually a pretty interesting design when you put him under the microscope. He’s kind of a cross between Vader and a pirate captain. I would play up the pirate angle a bit more.

Baron Darkstar

Darkstar is the sadistic mob enforcer for Red Moon, with a flair for the dramatic. He is as flamboyant as he is cunning. Imagine the ruthless and sinister nature of Darth Vader with the stage presence of Shakespearean actor. Baron Darkstar is a villain who would command an audience with an ostentatious monologue, all the while inching his blade closer and closer to your throat.


Dex star7:

Obviously, this figure was influenced heavily by R2-D2. To me, the flat design reminds me more of a walking iPad, with a personality more akin to C3PO, only slightly more annoying.

Dex Star 7

Dex is a mobile computer terminal that is entrusted to Zakk. Dex is knowledgeable but irritating – think Cliff Claven or the Microsoft Word paperclip. While he annoys most of Outpost Omega’s locals, he tends to prove helpful to Zakk, who knows nothing of the alien landscape. In addition to communicating valuable information to Zakk, he also provides exposition that better establishes the narrative.



This figure was no doubt meant as a stand in for Chewbacca. I realize that the character is supposed to be hairy and covered with fur, but the lime green toy I played with as a kid always reminded me of slime.


Glurgg is Jones’ cranky overworked short order cook, as well as her muscle. He is made up of a gelatinous, sticky substance that is nearly impossible to punch or shoot through. He also carries a blaster that sucks his gooey secretions and project them at an enemy, temporarily immobilizing them. 


Galaxy Jones:

Every space opera need that lone female protagonist. I guess this was Galaxy Laser Team’s.

Galaxy Jones

Galaxy Jones is the proprietor of Galaxy’s, a space port truck stop/diner. She’s a former nightclub performer who inherited the business from her father – sort of a Marion Ravenwood/May West type. She has a quick wit and a smart mouth to back it up. Jones forms Galaxy Laser Team to defend locals against pirates and the encroaching arm of Red Moon. Galaxy’s Diner also serves as GLTs secret base of operations.


Ripp Astrobett:

Galaxy Laser Team’s Buck Rogers-inspired figure served as the Han Solo in my childhood play sessions. I would use some of those characteristics in my re-imagining, but where Solo is interested in money over glory, Astrobett prefers the latter.

Ripp Astrobett

Astrobett is space sheriff entrusted to protect Outpost Omega and the surrounding frontier. He is an attention seeker, a once great hero whose reputation as a gunslinger has gone unchallenged for quite a while. Years of resting on his laurels and taking bribes to look the other way have allowed the Red Moon’s organized crime bosses to infiltrate Outpost Omaga. Although he is revered by many, Astrobett is braggart. He is arrogant, conceded, and oblivious to the dangers his actions have wrought.


Zakk Masterson:

One of two astronaut-themed characters in the toy line. This was always my Luke Skywalker stand-in, but where Luke had aspirations of leaving his farm to enroll in the academy, or jump ship and join the rebellion, my character would be far less ambitious.

Zakk Masterson

Zakk’s life is spinning out of control with no purpose or direction. Zakk is a street-wise cyber-punk, a hacker, and a reckless thrill seeker who gets involved with the wrong crowd and eventually takes the fall for another man’s crime. As a result, Zakk finds himself serving a life sentence on an asteroid-mining chain gang. Using his skills as a hacker, he manages to escape from his bonds and hijack a star ship which crash lands on an alien moon. In doing so, he inadvertently thwarts an effort by the organized crime syndicate, Red Moon, to seize control of the small but integral frontier port, Outpost Omega.


For better or for worse, it seems that everywhere you look you find another reboot of some popular entertainment franchise. Personally, I enjoy seeing other artists’ interpretations of characters and universes that I am familiar with. Admittedly, I too have done my share of fan art, the bulk of which were just quick warm up sketches that stuck pretty close to the original character design rendered in my own style. That being said, I have always wanted to take a classic intellectual property and totally re-imagine it from the ground up, but it seemed like everything I wanted to do had already been done a million times. Then I recalled a little known line of Star Wars knock-off figures from my youth. As a kid, I used to spend hours playing with these little brightly colored, space-themed, plastic army men. I didn’t know what they were called, but with a little googling I rediscovered the world of Galaxy Laser Team!

My design for a Galaxy Laser Team logo

I think the thing that intrigued the childhood me about these toys was that they never had any specific back-story or lore behind them. No cartoons, movies, or comic book adaption. I don’t even think the characters had names. This gave me free reign to be creative and make up my own world for them to inhabit.  I dubbed them “Space Cadets” and imagined a story of a young astronaut from Earth who was recruited to join a group of other young alien cadets to defend the galaxy against the threat of some tyrannical organization. It may not be the most original idea, but hey, I was eight. Now, as an adult, I think it’s time I revisit my favorite day-glow, zero points of articulation, 2-inch plastic friends

The original Galaxy Laser Team figures.

If you want to know more about the original Galaxy Laser Team figures and where you can find them today check out Secret Fun Blog’s Informative post. 


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