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Young and the Dead Is Now On Kickstarter!

Young and the Dead Is Now On Kickstarter!


It’s here! To celebrate the completion of Young and the Dead #3 I’m launching my first Kickstarter.

Support Young and the Dead on Kickstarter:






Young and the Dead follows the adventures of 11 year old Sam Young and his little brother Tad who wake up on morning to find that most of the adults in their quite suburban neighborhood have fallen victim to a nasty virus that has transformed them in flesh eating zombies. Together they team up a rag -tag team of neighborhood misfits including Sam’s wisecraking best friend Mitch, a live action rollplay aficionado named Lloyd, a tough as nails tomboy Oxsana, Ox for short, Sam’s secret crush Stephanie and her overprotective older brother Richardo aka Rocky. It’s a race against time as these unlikely heroes fight to survive and unlock the clues to a cure that could possibly reverse the effects of the deadly zombie outbreak and save the world in the process.

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