Posts made in February, 2017

Indoor Slide Reveal! -Daily Vlog 023 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Today I show off some of my mad science supplies and reveal the finished indoor slide I built for my daughter.

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This Is My Day Job! -Daily Vlog 022 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

On today’s show I offer an excellent cure for art block and take you into the office I work at when I’m not making comics.

Check out these awesome Imagineering books from Disney:
The Imagineering Way:
The Imagineering Workout:

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My Tools For Making Comics! -Daily Vlog 021 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Join me on my beautiful drive to work today right after I clue you guys in on the tool I use for creating comics.You can pick up the tools I talked about here:

Strathmore Comic Ruled 11X17″ Bristol:
Col-Erase Non-photo blue colored pencils:
Non-photo blue drafting lead:
Lead holder:
Drafting lead sharpener:
Pro White:
Signo Gel Pen:
Speedball ink:
Deleter Black #5 ink:
Winsor & Newtor Series 7 Sable #0:
Micron Pens:
Circle templates:

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This Is Not On My Diet! -Daily Vlog 020 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Happy Presidents Day! Today I chow down on a hearty breakfast before heading back to Phoenix to work on my comic.

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Happy Birthday To Me! -Daily Vlog 019 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Today’s my birthday, but that doesn’t mean I’m taking a day off from making comics, however I do find time to get in a little fun.

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