Posts made in September, 2017

How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way- Good Advice or Propaganda?

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Buscema is a classic book when it come to the art of creating comics, but how does it hold up? Is the information still relevant? Is it good advice or just Stan Lee’s hyperbolic Marvel propaganda?

Let’s have a look….

How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way:
Constructive Anatomy by George Bridgman:
Dynamic Figure Drawing:
The Art of Comic Book Inking is out of Print but
The DC Comics Guide to Inking comics is also recommended:
Dynamic Light and Shade:
Vanishing Point:

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How To Crush Your Online Art Store! ( Etsy Storenvy Shopify etc.)

Artists, Do you have an online store? If you do, be honest, how is it? Does it need an overhaul? Today I share some of my most valuable tips on creating an online artist store.

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The Internet Is The New Frontier For Artist

Inspired by my trip to historic Tombstone Arizona. I broke out the old sketchbook and got to work sketching a robotic gunslinger, this go me to thinking about how the internet is the new wild west and a bold new frontier.

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