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The Internet Is The New Frontier For Artist

Inspired by my trip to historic Tombstone Arizona. I broke out the old sketchbook and got to work sketching a robotic gunslinger, this go me to thinking about how the internet is the new wild west and a bold new frontier.

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Mad Genius Hall of Fame: Willy Wonka

Welcome to another installment of the Mad Genius Hall of Fame, where we pay tribute to the mad scientists, evil geniuses and super villains who have been an inspiration to evildoers everywhere. Today we honor the confectioner extraordinaire, purveyor of all things scrumdiddlyumptious, Willy Wonka the amazing chocolatier!

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12 Art Hacks for Comic Book Artists!

When you’ve been drawing traditional comic book art for as long as I have you’re bound to pick up a few tips. Here are 12 of my favorite Art hacks for comic book artists!

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Artists! Create Your Own Products!


The more and more people consume digital goods, the more they long for specialty physical products, as artist we are in a prime position to give it to them!

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Artists! You Need To Share Your Work!

If you’re an artist you need to be sharing your work. If you arm’t, What in the wold are you waiting for?


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