Epic Road Trip! -Daily Vlog 087 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Today I talk a little about bridging the gap between online communities, then we embark on and epic journey that will take us across the desert to a hidden oasis.

Things we talked about:
Steam Crow: http://steamcrow.com/
Master of 1 podcast: http://mof1podcast.com/
The Desert Bar: http://www.thedesertbar.com/

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Another Un ‘Oxing! -Daily Vlog 086 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Today I Unbox another one of 100’s alum Samurai Ox’s Awesome Kickstarter rewards.

You can fine Samurai Ox’s You Tube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbqCdVL43vmsBzKss0htRiA

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My New Con Table Set Up! -Daily Vlog 085 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Today I ask the question: What inspires you to create?  then join me as I try to configure a new comic convention table set up for Phoenix Comic Con.


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The Changing Convention Scene! -Daily Vlog 084 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

On today’s episode I talk a little about how comic cons have changed over the years and the direction I think they’re headed. The I start prepping for Phoenix Comic Con by cleaning out a rather unruly closet.

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Another Day, Another Dollar! -Daily Vlog 083 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

Today I’m thinking about making making some digital tools for comic artists, plus I give you a sneak peek at my Monday through Friday ¬†work life


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My Favorite Inking Tools! -Daily Vlog 082 (100 Days of Making Comics 2)

What are my favorite tools for inking comics? You’re about to find out.


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