Copic vs Ohuhu Markers- Side By Side Comparison!


How do these Cheap 50 cent Ohuhu markers stack up to the 7 dollar Copic brand, We’re about to find out…

Get Ohuhu Markers Here:
Get Copic Markers Here:


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Scrapping Everything & Starting From Scratch- Plus Pirate/Robot Speed Art

Just thought I’d quickly talk about how I decided to abandon the way I’d been doing business for years to pursue an entirely different direction with my art and how there is a long road ahead of me. Oh and I’m also doing some pirate – robot speed art.

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Sketchbook Art Hack & Flip Through Tour

If you are anything like me you have trouble filling a sketchbook. It’s a struggle I intend to fix, but until then I have a cheat that enabled me to finally complete a sketchbook.


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Mad Genius Hall of Fame: Beakman

Welcome to another installment of the Mad Genius Hall of Fame, where we pay tribute to the mad scientists, evil geniuses and super villains who have been an inspiration to evildoers everywhere. Today we honor another inductee, That wild haired eccentric scientist and educator Beakman of Beakman’s World

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Bearizona Tour + Drawing The Mecha-Bear! (The Drog)

We’re combining drawing with a Vlog to create “The Drog!” Today we head out to Williams Arizona to check out the awesome wild animal park: Bearizona. to see bears, bobcats, wolves, jaguar and more up close and personal! Plus were were inspired to create a new hulking menace: The Mecha-Bear!

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How To Make and Package Buttons!


Want to know where to get buttons made, how to make them yourself or how to package them? Your in luck! This video will brake it all down for you.

Get my button packs Here:

Resource Links-

Button templates:

Where to get 100 buttons for $15:

The Button Press I use in this video:

Other Button Presses-

Cheapest Press Option:

$100 option:

Snap in buttons:

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