It’s Alive!


Deep in the bowels of Serkworks Art Labs underground laboratories, mad creator Scott Serkland and his hard-hatted hench-minions toil away, concocting a curious collection of cartoon robots, aliens, zombies, and other imminent threats to humanity.



At Serkworks Art Labs, our mission is to provide the evil genius/mad scientist community with the tools they need to achieve their goal of total world domination. Whether that entails getting you up and running with our patented lab starter products, creating inspirational art prints to adorn your subterranean lair, or perhaps you want to take over the world in style with our custom made geek-inspired bow ties, Serkworks Labs has got you covered.




Occasionally you may find a Serkworks mobile lab pop-up in your area (usually at comic cons and pop culture events), but if not, most of our products can be found in our online shop.

Check us out and good luck! Remember, when you’re thinking of taking over the world, think  Serkworks Art Labs!