Comic Update! Studio Construction- Pardon Our Dust

We’re making some much needed changes to the home studio, but while the construction is going on I’m going to give you a little update on the progress of my comic book project Young and the Dead.



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Steal Like An Artist! What Does That Mean Exactly?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “steal like an artist” but I’ll admit I really had to sit down and think about what that meant, so here’s a few thoughts while I draw a robot viking!

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How To Sell Stickers Online!


We’ve talked about making stickers, but how about selling stickers? Here are a few tips on just how to do it!

Links Mentioned:

Cory Kerr’s Sticker Stint:

Do Thing’s Robots Can’t:

Creed Stonegate’s Sticker Club:


Where to sell your stickers online:

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Artist Loft vs Copic Markers- Side by Side Comparison


How do the Micheal’s Artist Loft brand markers stack up to Copics? Let’s compare.

Get Copic Markers here:
Get Artist Loft Markers here:

Check out Serkworks Art Labs online:

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Everyone Starts With A Full Tank Of Gas!


All artist start with a full tank of gas. The way I see it you have tree options…


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RANT- You’re Doing Art Wrong!

Have you ever hand anyone tell you that you were doing art the wrong way, not to do a specific type of art or not to use art supplies in a particular way? Sure there is helpful advice out there, but who really has the right to decide what is art or how art should be created?

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The 100 Days of Making Comics Anthology!

It’s Finally here! The 100 Days of Making Comics Anthology- Life In Space features 20 awesome creators, 13 stories, 10 pinups and some rad extras!

Pledge to the Kickstarter and get your copy today!


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